Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is a good investment

Whether you are managing a commercial office space, industrial warehouse or church, you can count on us to maintain your mechanical systems.

Dirty air filters cause restricted air flow in buildings and can cause dirt to accumulate on fan blades increasing energy usage and dirt to build-up in the duct system promoting mold growth and an increase in allergens. Dirty condenser coils cause the compressor to run harder and pull more amps which will also cause an increase in energy usage and premature compressor failure. One of the most common but preventable reasons service is requested is the condensate drain line has clogged. Over time sludge forms in an air conditioner’s drain line and needs to be cleaned/cleared.

Bottom line is that a well maintained HVAC system can result in fewer business interruptions, high air quality, lower operating costs, longer equipment life and cost avoidance.

  • We offer monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual service contracts.
  • We can customize a service contract to meet your needs.
  • Maintenance Contract Customers receive priority service

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Man Changing Air Filter

Gauges on a Metal Tank